Benefits of using lesson planner in the classroom

Planning lessons beforehand has many advantages. Teachers can prepare a concise document consisting of all the tasks planned out for the month, the duration of lectures, and how these lessons will get conducted. Lesson planning can help teachers to deal with nervousness. Teachers will now enter the classrooms fully prepared and produce meaningful discussions rather than figuring out what lessons to teach. Effective planning can reduce last-minute hassles of buying supplies or creating reading materials needed for a lecture. Effective lesson planning helps teachers plan out assessments according to the curriculum and identify the goals of an instructional module. 

Every teacher has a different method of planning their lessons. Some teachers recommend planning the lessons weekly, while some find monthly planners a better option. Though, both of the methods consume a lot of time. But, to produce better learning outcomes, a teacher must invest in the planning and choose a practice that best complements their teachings.

There are many more benefits of using a lesson planner in the classroom. Some of these are listed below.

Classroom time management-  Lesson planning helps manage classroom time more effectively, define the flow of the lecture, and formulate classroom activities. If the planner is followed strictly, it reduces the last-minute stress of covering the syllabus. It improves the pace of learning and ensures that no crucial parts of the curriculum get skipped. It helps teachers to plan out assessments and announce them to the students beforehand so that students have ample time to prepare for the tests. 

Keep substitute teacher up to date– In case, a teacher leaves an institution, a substitute teacher gets hired. A detailed and well-organized planner helps the substitute teacher identify where the progress of the curriculum stands and what needs to be completed. It creates consistent learning for the students and their progress is not hampered. It saves a lot of time for the substitute teacher as she does not have to juggle finding out what lessons to teach. 

Document teachers’ progress– Lesson planning helps teachers to document their progress. It provides insight into what learning is covered in the past and what is to be covered. Teachers can provide these insights to supervisors, who can efficiently evaluate teachers’ performance and learning outcomes of the class. Teachers can keep it as a portfolio piece while hunting for jobs. It can reflect how professional and well-organized a candidate is. 

Teachers can take feedback from the students and plan the next month’s planner accordingly. Various websites offer free lesson plan templates. Teachers can use them and reduce the time of formatting the planners. These websites provide templates with vibrant designs, a weekly and monthly plan, and sometimes even share a sample planner to give you a slight idea of how to prepare a lesson plan.

Students participate actively- Effective lesson planner is not just beneficial to the teachers, but also the students. With a lesson schedule beforehand, students will be more active in the classroom and answer questions more rapidly. A teacher must prepare a lesson plan that considers the learning abilities of all the pupils and ensure that each of the students is easily able to grasp the lectures. A teacher must think about how a set learning activity will be experienced by each student and what outcomes it will generate. 

Keep learning consistent- In the absence of a lesson planner, lesson structure varies from day to day, leading to inefficiency that can hamper the progress of the curriculum. A set structure of the lessons ensures that the learning process is smooth and consistent. It defines how class time will be utilized and help students identify what they can expect each day. It also helps students plan leaves accordingly so that, they do not miss important topics. 

Lesson planning has the above-mentioned benefits though it requires constant time and effort from the teachers. The first plan requires the most investment of time and effort. Once a teacher creates a planner, she has a solid foundation on which she can formulate future planners, with only minor changes required. Teachers can use free lesson plan templates available online. It can significantly reduce teachers’ efforts. 

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