How To Organize A Home Cinema Session For A Birthday Party

Summer calls for outdoor activities, lots of beaches, and playing with children in squares and playgrounds – but what about when it rains? The summer rains show up practically every afternoon, and no animation can survive a half-cloudy day, right? Wrong! A super tasty program for these gray days is to throw yourself on the couch with family and friends in a movie session at home, washed down with goodies!

The first step is to choose a theme for your home cinema show – you can select horror movies, romantic comedies, or even choose movies by actors and directors that you like. The good old trilogies are also a good choice! To help you choose the right movie for your home cinema session, you can ask your friends for suggestions or join social networks, where you can read movie synopses, watch trailers and see what people think of the movies in the comments.

How To Organize A Home Cinema Session

Accommodation In The Room

With a few simple ideas for a movie birthday party for example, it is possible to multiply the seats in your living room beyond those demarcated by sofas and armchairs. A good example is this mattress made with pillows, which for the occasion, is perfect for accommodating your guests. Another idea is to put a nice rug on the floor and spread-out futons and pillows. It is also good to move the coffee table to the corner, to gain more space between the sofa and the television—one more idea: an Oscar cinema party. Decorate the whole party with that glamorous and sophisticated atmosphere. Don’t forget the red carpet, the statuettes, and wearing lots of gold.

Snacks And Food

The movie session needs to have popcorn. You can serve it in colorful bowls or paper bags for everyone to get their own. Afterward, you don’t have to wash the dishes; throw the empty bags in the trash. You can make room on the living room sideboard for an ice bucket and have bottles of natural juice, tea, flavored water, and soda. That way, people help themselves and don’t have to get up all the time to refill their glasses. If the visits are “from home,” you can leave everything organized on the fridge door, leaving everyone free to take what they want.

Another tip is to spread glass filled with candies, bonbons, and other delicacies typical of movie theaters in strategic corners of the room. After everything is organized, relax and enjoy the movie

One more idea: for an outdoor Oscar cinema party, for example. Decorate the whole party with that glamorous and sophisticated atmosphere. Don’t forget the red carpet, the statuettes, and wearing lots of gold.

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