The Basics of Lab Created Diamonds: What You Need to Know

Diamonds are always a superb gift for every occasion. From diamond stud earrings to attractive engagement rings, diamonds look good in every option. The best part is that you can give them as gifts or buy them for yourself for any occasion. No other metal or stone can compete with diamonds if we are talking about the jewelry market. However, buying diamonds is an expensive investment.

If you have ever bought diamonds, you know how expensive they are. A single diamond engagement ring could cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are alternate options available on the market. You could invest in lab-created diamonds. It is the latest innovation in the jewelry industry and looks as good as natural diamonds.  

How are Lab Created Diamonds Different than Mined Diamonds?  

These days, you can find lab grown diamonds everywhere. Whether you need wedding rings, solitaire engagement rings, bridal sets, or tennis bracelets, there are options in lab-created diamonds. These synthetic pieces have similar optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Moreover, they look identical to naturally mined diamonds. But how do they differ?

  • Origin

One of the major differences between mined diamonds and man made diamonds is the creation process. Natural diamonds occur on the Earth. These diamonds form over time and are deeply rooted in the core of Mother Nature.

On the other side, lab created diamonds are created in a controlled environment in a lab. The process involves human interference, but the result is as good as naturally occurring diamonds.

  • Environmental Impact

Natural and lab grown diamonds have significant differences when it comes to the carbon footprints they leave behind.

Mining diamonds devastates the earth’s surface, not to mention the massive carbon footprint left by mining equipment. Also, the waste generated during and after the mining process is not something you can sleep on, as it can be harmful to some species.

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds use less equipment, which can also be powered by renewable energy. The process causes significantly less damage to the environment compared to the production of natural diamonds.

  • Morality and Labor Practices

The majority of diamond mines are in Africa, a country that is relatively poor, as we know. Thus, many diamond mining fields take advantage of this situation, enabling many unfair labor practices. This includes unsafe working environments and child labor.

 Lab grown diamonds are considered the ethical option for a number of reasons. Since the diamonds are grown in laboratories, not wearing proper lab gear is forbidden. The process of creating lab-grown diamonds requires expert care to get a desirable result, thus, child labor has no place in the industry.

What is the Process Behind Creating Lab Grown Diamonds?

Whether you get lab created wedding bands or loose lab created diamonds, the diamonds in each option are created using the same process. Lab created diamond earrings or any other piece of synthetic jewelry undergoes the following steps:

  • Professionals take a tiny piece of diamond, also known as the diamond seed. It is placed in a special chamber.
  • The chamber where the seed is present has the same conditions as Earth’s crust.
  • The seed, covered in pure carbon will be kept in the chamber till it transforms into a diamond.

The process doesn’t take much longer. Where diamonds take millions of years to form, the best lab created diamonds take only a few weeks. Labs could use either high pressure, high temperature, or chemical vapor deposition to carry out the process. The results will be equally satisfactory. 

Myths to Understand Regarding Lab Grown Diamonds

With time, there has been a rise in the demand for lab grown engagement rings and other synthetic jewelry pieces. However, with increasing demands, there are also several myths circulating about these lab-created diamonds. Some of them are:

  1. Lab Created Diamonds are Common, but Not Mined Diamonds

Both natural and lab created diamonds are not rare. These gemstones are available everywhere. You only need to look in the right direction. 

  1. Lab Grown Diamonds are Less Valued

Lab grown diamonds are a new concept with a small market, but that doesn’t make them less valuable. Both options are equally profitable. However, in terms of return value, diamonds do not provide a massive profit.

  1. Lab Grown Diamonds are not Environment Friendly

One popular myth today is that man-made diamonds are bad for the environment. However, that is incorrect. Mining for diamonds is much more destructive and harms the core of the earth. On the other side, lab diamonds involve no such destruction.

Benefits of Lab Diamonds

Buying lab-created diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, stud earrings, or wedding sets is of great benefit. These jewelry pieces look fabulous on every woman and are beneficial in other ways. Firstly, these lab diamonds cost much less than mined diamonds. You could get something much larger for a lower cost. 

Furthermore, the cut of lab created diamonds is always more sophisticated. If you have ever dealt with diamonds, you know how much the cut matters. Naturally occurring diamonds have irregular shapes and contain several flaws. It makes the cutting process difficult.

However, lab grown diamonds are much cleaner and easier to cut. A synthetic diamond is more visually appealing. Last but not least, the size difference is also prominent in both cases. If you want to buy a bigger carat size for a lower price tag, always go with lab created diamonds.

How to Evaluate Lab Created Diamonds?

Always be careful while buying diamonds. Follow the same rules to buy lab diamonds as natural diamonds. Keep in mind the 4Cs of diamonds. These are color, carat size, diamond cut, and clarity. Never choose without checking all four factors.

Moreover, get a diamond certificate for your wedding bands, stud earrings, diamond tennis necklaces, and solitaire wedding rings. Never accept a diamond without a certificate because it is proof of its authenticity.

Should We Pick Natural Diamonds or Man-Made Pieces

Knowing about your options is necessary, but when it comes to diamonds, lab created diamonds make complete sense. If you compare synthetic and natural diamonds, there will hardly be any noticeable differences. In terms of color and quality, lab diamonds are equally satisfactory.

So if you have a low budget but still wish to gift someone a diamond, opt for lab grown diamonds. These are environment-friendly, economical, and attractive.


Buying diamonds is a tough decision. It concerns thousands of dollars, and making decisions in haste won’t be helpful. Instead of investing in the wrong diamond, go over these guidelines. Lab grown diamond necklaces or rings have no harm, given that you check their clarity, color, cut, and carat size.

If you think that lab grown diamonds are less profitable or harmful to the environment, you are mistaken. These are more profitable, found in abundance, and eco-friendly. Investing in lab-created diamonds will have a positive influence on your life.

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