The Most Popular Sports to Bet on Worldwide

Sports betting is a sector estimated to be worth over $3 trillion and has been steadily expanding. Due to its size, gambling corporations constantly introduce new betting sites to capture a portion of the enormous industry.

Sports betting is a large sector of the gambling industry, accounting for 40% of the global gambling market and generating a staggering € 500 million annually from all over the world. This article will highlight five of the most popular sports that people bet on out of the many various sports there are.

American football, NFL

American football is top-rated both at home and internationally, as its name would imply. The NFL is the second sport that attracts the most bets from authorized bookies, like jilibet

One of the most significant NFL contests, the Super Bowl, attracted a stunning $4.76 billion in betting, both legitimate and illegal. It wasn’t any different from the 2020 Super Bowl, which attracted 26 million bettors from the United States and abroad.


The sport with the most outstanding wagers is, without a doubt, soccer, sometimes known as football. Soccer is the sport that attracts the most bets from gamblers as a result. Although the UK alone sees over £1 billion in wagers on the sport each year, it is impossible to estimate the size of the global soccer betting market due to several illegal sites.

There are many contests and events in soccer, but the FIFA World Cup, which is contested every four years, is unquestionably the most well-known. Three years before the competition, 210 countries started preparing to claim the title of world champions. 

In addition to the FIFA World Cup, leagues like the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, and others are played locally and internationally, providing gamblers with even more opportunities.


Tennis is another sport that attracts a lot of betting, which is unsurprising given the number of tennis competitions each year. The International Tennis Federation hosts roughly 1500 tournaments and 93,000 matches each year. Due to the exceptional number of game days, there is always a wager to be placed.

Elite sportspeople compete for the most desired crown at Wimbledon, the most famous tennis tournament. More than a billion people from different parts of the world watch the sport, and with such a large audience come incredible estimations of bets placed.


eSports is the sport and the sector of sports that are growing the fastest in terms of betting volume. Bookmakers like jilibet are being pressured by the rising popularity of eSports to make speedy adjustments to stay competitive. Even though virtual racing has been around for a while, other virtual sports have grown in popularity in 2023, and all of the major bookmakers now provide several match-betting options for eSports. The sports betting industry’s revenue is increasing dramatically due to this expanding volume.

Horse racing

Horse racing, a sport that has long been associated with gambling, was the most popular one to wager on. Horse racing is one of the most significant sporting events, and with high prize money comes big audiences and bettors. It is one of the only sports in which bets are accepted continuously and continues to influence the international stage significantly. 

A reported € 100 billion is wagered on horse races each year. Unexpectedly, Japan leads the market, with the UK and Australia coming in second and third. Another well-liked activity in the United areas is horse racing, which may be a sleeping giant now that betting is permitted in some states.

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