Next.js Owner Vercel announces $150M at a $2.5B Valuation

The leading React and JavaScript framework for frontend web development, Next.js, was developed by Vercel, a platform to develop, preview, and ship websites, from single static pages to apps with billions of dynamic pages. The company announced today that it raised $150M in Series D fundraising at a $2.5B valuation. GGV Capital served as the round’s lead investor. Other participants included SV Angel, Bedrock Capital, CRV, Geodesic Capital, Greenoaks Capital, GV, 8VC, Flex Capital, Latacora, Salesforce Ventures, and Tiger Global. The additional money, which increases the total amount raised to $313M, will accelerate adoption among the largest corporations in the world, grow the Vercel team internationally, and finance platform breakthrough research and technology.            

The greatest developer experience is combined with an obsession with end-user speed in Vercel. The greatest location to launch any frontend project is on the Vercel platform, which enables frontend teams to produce their finest work. Developers may grow dynamically to millions of pages by starting with a deployment with zero setups to the Vercel global edge network. The open-source React framework created with Google and Facebook, Next.js, is incredibly popular among developers. The top websites in the world, including TikTok, Hulu, GitHub, Ticketmaster, and TripAdvisor, are powered by next.js for use cases including eCommerce, travel, news, and promotion.      

Since its Series A in April 2020, Vercel has grown rapidly. With a weekly increase from 500k to 2M npm installs, Next.js has increased by 300 percent. There are now 1,800 unique Next.js contributors, and traffic on the Vercel Edge Network has increased 700%, with queries going from 3 billion to 24 billion or more each week.

The great support we have experienced from our investors has been a big factor in this expansion, according to Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel. “The pace with which both the use of our platform and this market have evolved is just remarkable,” he added. Vercel’s importance and significance are only rising as the web progressively replaces other platforms for the creation and deployment of large-scale applications, with Next.js at the center of this shift. We look forward to deploying these funds to provide developers with even faster access to better capabilities. Collectively, we can keep working on the upcoming huge things.

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